Thursday, February 14, 2008

valentine, victory and vermicelli

In the morning, got caught in massive traffic near Forum, Koramangala and decided to take the other route via Christ College which amounted to harakiri!

Result: late at work, rescheduled meeting and a sulky boss.

It’s mid day now and I am still struggling with a presentation and behind schedule for four calls and a dozen emails. But I have already managed to receive a few V day wishes, forward ten jokes, have five cups of coffee and upset my best buddy with my cynicism. (It was the coffee, I swear!).

Oh! If you are wondering about the title, it’s nothing significant. Just random words starting with V that came to my mind while I was fuming in traffic in the morning.

P.S. The cute girl from employee engagement team has distributed red paper hearts to all and asked us to write the name of the person whom you admire the most in office which will be tallied e.o.d. to rate popularity. Groan!


Rambler said...

work wise it was terribly busy for me as well today.. looks like valentine did have an effect on our work life..

btw why so much of coffee. :)

DreamCatcher said...

well...valentine did have an effect. My team's productivity was near zero with all the distractions of mail, flowers et al.

As for coffee, that's the only thing free in office other than frustration :)

Dusty Fog said...

ok i have always been given the impression that there were no cute people other than yourself at where this cute gal appear from?!!

DreamCatcher said...

dusty: :) cute girls dissappear as quickly.

Sam said...

why do they hafta do the heart stuff at every office??? jeez!!

btw, why do the cute girls disappear?? Lithium at work??