Thursday, February 11, 2016


I saw you last evening. In someone else’s eyes. The slight tilt of your head, while staring at me as the seconds passed. I had learnt to hold that stare without squirming in my skin. Instinctively, I held his stare till I realized it wasn’t you. The chin was all wrong as was his mouth. In a familiar airport, over the brim of my ice float, I watched you disintegrate into someone else. For once, I didn’t wish for it to be you. Then, I wouldn’t have savoured the sweet sensation of a frozen moment from a life lived long ago. Our magic, will remain ours till eternity, precisely because it can never be recreated in some other place or with someone else. No one else can ever love me the way you did. The way we completed each other’s thoughts and our passion that overwhelmed every common sense, it was never meant to last. That electric moment, reminded me of how you opened the joi de vivre that's now all mine to savour through life.