Friday, February 15, 2008

I Spy

Three air tickets of an airline to three different cities booked on the same day. The airline boy calls on her cellphone, “Madam, we are holding a booking on your name for Chennai, Mumbai and Goa on 19th. I called to confirm where have you decided to fly on that day?” WOW. This is it girl! Like in gangsta-movies. The pretty mole gives the airport cops a miss and zips to an unknown destination under alias. Tralalaa!

Cocking her right eye brow, Code Name Lithium purrs in her sexiest deep voice, “Ohhh, where do YOU want me to go, Darrling?”

Airline boy mumbles inaudible. Code Name Lithium smiles knowingly. Poor boy. An innocent victim of her fatal charm.

Trrrring. It’s the desk phone. The traveldesk girl calling to apologise for the goof up just when Code Name Lithium was warming up for her next sting. Sighh! The world isn’t ready for her yet. She slides back to her guise of a bored office-goer fighting to keep sleep at bay while waiting for the day she will reveal her true self.


RustyNeurons said...

hee.heee... so madamme, favourite pass time is to charm young innocent souls like that? ;P

DreamCatcher said...

rusty: charming did you say?...sigh! where would I have such luck....!

Dusty Fog said... much more "wannabe" can one get ya?!!!!..uufff....Ian Fleming will be proud of you....!!!

DreamCatcher said...

dusty: wannabe??? and pluezzee...don't comapare with Bond Babes..this is Code Name Lithium, she has class...swishhh!

Sam said...

Lithium... thats cool... I wonder what the airline boy was going through!! :P