Friday, January 31, 2014

growing Old

Yesterday, was yet another birthday. It is odd when the first wish is from my mobile service provider at midnight since I had forgotten to keep the phone on silent ! The funniest was from my father who sent a message which read, ‘I just came to know today is your birthday. Happy birthday and sorry for the belated wishes.’ This was at around mid morning. A parent would remember, don't you think? But since I know him, he has  indiscriminately not remembered any birthdays or anniversaries and I hadn’t expected him to remember this time either. But my mother must have reminded him after I left for work, followed by her usual barrage of complaints on how he never remembered any dates. Anyhow, some folks did remember to wish me, despite my inadvertently switching off the social media birthday notification. Some of my school and college friends remembered as did my cousins. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I received a call from someone whom I have never met in person but have been blog buddies for long. It is indeed self-revealing to know how good it makes one feel when someone shares a good wish when least expected. So thank you for managing to surprise even the ever-jaded me. I had planned for a quite, ‘un-celebrated’ evening at home with my family and I did just that while feasting on the goodies my mother had prepared. Such a moment in time is bound to produce some musing of the heart. So I avow once again to live a life full of hope and gratitude and to be able to always have the fortitude to take everything in my stride. It has been many years of clawing upwards from that dark hole and finally I have felt the lightness of just being me.