Monday, February 04, 2008


It will be a low slow day. She just knows it. Loneliness always makes her lazy. But loneliness isn’t anything new to her. It’s her one true friend through life. And she likes it too. So why is it making her low suddenly? Maybe it’s the ‘Big girls don’t cry’ on radio on the way to work. Maybe it’s the 'Dark Waters' she watched late Sunday night. Maybe it is the gloomy stillness of the grey morning. Or maybe because she didn’t know why she hadn’t responded to her best friend’s message yesterday.

Inexplicable loneliness is something she is dealing with right now. Reminds her of the lines from a Floyd song.

Heaven sent the promised land.

Looks all right from where I stand.

Cause I'm the man on the outside looking in.

Waiting on the first step.

Show me where the key is kept.

Point me down the right line because it's time.

To let me in from the cold.

Turn my lead into gold.

Cause there's a chill wind blowing in my soul.

And I think I'm growing old.


Sam said...

hey u seem to be down!! u alrite??

DreamCatcher said...

sam: thank you. no ok :o)