Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The problem of getting in a shell is that when you emerge out of it ready to face the world, there’s no one waiting. It can get a little disorienting.
Oh no daarrling! We don’t have the time or inclination to wait up for you to work the cobwebs inside your head. There are way too many of them, love. Besides, we have enough of our own, no? So bury your head all you like, but bury it at your own risk pluzzee! And better not take it for granted that the world in general and people in particular would be waiting with a smile. Understand?


thealphabetmakesstories said...

Ouch that hurt. So true.


Why did you make it so difficult to access elucidations? :(

DreamCatcher said...

alphabet: thanks for dropping by. Do make it a habit!! :o)

I didn't make it difficult. Some things do not warrant elucidation and we should just let them be :)

raindrops said...

He thinks "the cobwebs are urs, because u think a lot and thus make my life hell..." so has no choice but to get 'unused' to his presence and dwell in her shell..

DreamCatcher said...

rain: good to have you here...
innovative interpretation...I like it.