Friday, February 20, 2015

waiting to exhale

Today, she needed the silence, more than any other day. The chaos around her made little impression on her. It is however, the ache somewhere deep inside, that needed her attention. Earlier, she had surprised herself by sliding into uncharted emotions, in haste. The soft quick-sand of passion, cushioned her as it drew her more into the sink hole of turgidity. Once the hard reality hit her, she woke up sorely, clutching the still warm sand that quickly slipped through her fingers leaving a coarseness that she was unaccustomed to. She sighed, trying to gather her thoughts. Why should it hurt at all, she wonders. The pleasure was so fleeting that she would have missed it, had she bothered to blink. The shadows of intimacy lay around her in shards of a broken mirror, reflecting the truth that she was too late to see. Why did she always demand so little and gave everything in return. Perhaps because there is no cure for stupidity.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

eternal sunshine....

Can I ever erase the love I feel for you? It's just not the same with anyone else. It never will be. The way you looked at me from the other side of a crowded room that made me forget my words in the middle of a sentence. The way you never asked me before picking up something you liked from my plate while we dined together for the first time. How you would suddenly lean over and nuzzle my neck while watching a boring television show. How you would irritate me by always opening my tied hair. How you always knew when that unknown sadness welled up inside me and would tenderly hold my hand and pull me in your arms and let me cry till it passed. How you knew all my fears and never ever judged me on it. How you would always ask for my opinion even when I knew very little about your work. How you would never hesitate to introduce me even when you knew your friends thought I was trouble. How you always said that I should only get drunk with you because no one else should have to be subjected to my wild side.  My heart, strangely, fills up with happiness when I think of you now. Memories of our moments, like the magic of a fairy tale, lifts me up when I feel I am sinking. I should thank you for these memories. I still have them to hold on. While I weave the rich tapestry of my life, everyone sees the smooth shine of the fabric, only you had turned me upside down to feel those jumbled knots on the other side and still loving me the way only you could. 

Monday, February 09, 2015


Another airport, another city, another country. Same old feeling. Restlessness and wistfulness mixed with a longing with nothing to long for. It feels strange yet calming. She gets lost once again in the human cacophony and the mundane soundtrack of other people's lives. 

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Pigs On The Wings

She hates twilight. She has hated it for as long as she can remember. More so, as it descends on a city that isn't her home. She had only ever told him and no one else. As the darkness seeps in, blotting away the last light of the day, she contemplates her heightening desolation. The peace of living outside of her real life, for a day, is rudely overtaken by the crowding feeling of isolation. In a city brimming with people, company was just a dial away. But it is not a warm shoulder or a chilled drink that she seeks. She misses her happy disposition and her effortless smile. Perhaps it is the spill over tiredness from the last few days, perhaps it is the mistake of giving too much of herself. This will have to go away she tells herself, as she curls up in bed, waiting for sleep.

Friday, January 09, 2015

obscured by the clouds

She watches the ocean in silence. It always invokes a sense of longing in her. If only she knew what for. It’s a familiar restlessness that rises in her chest and falls with the rhythmic beating of her heart. It’s not painful, but she winces a little inside with the tide of emotions surging and abating with precision. If only she could deduct the reason for it, she would wrap this up neatly within a moment’s notice. Was it the call of a faraway land. Was it the willingness to seek anonymity in an unknown crowd. Was it the emptiness of unaccustomed feelings. Was it the inevitable numbness that follows a short lived excitement.