Thursday, June 14, 2007


She gave in to rage today. Something she should have never done. It had been building for a while. She has been failing miserably to deal with her day and life in a manner she should. With grace.
So what if life has thrown more curved balls than usual? So what if nothing is working out? So what if she is late on many of her commitments? So what if she is worried sick of her aging parents? So what if she hasn’t seen any light for a while now? So what if she has nothing for a future? So what if she has been maimed and cheated? So what if the world thinks she is worthless scum? So what if she is losing her battle with frustration? So what if she feels overwhelmed with all her responsibilites? So what if she ain’t allowed to cry? So what if her little boy broke the light switch in the car without intention today?
So what?

Right now she hates being her.


Shreyasi Deb said...

and because she hates being her at this moment she'll love being her with all the misgivings, her unique being that she is in a while....just like the sky is washed and clear after it has growled and cried!

DreamCatcher said...

I do hope so...she is dearest to me..

Shubhojit said...

You hate only when you are capable of loving. The crests & troughs. Its never a straight line on the axis of life. U are at the bottom most point. It starts moving upward from here.

DreamCatcher said...

SJ: wonderful thought!