Thursday, June 21, 2007

Knock...Knock...Knocking on...

“Don’t worry, it may be nothing” Dr. Sundaram, her GP, smiled looking at his engraved Cross pen. It’s definitely not good news she thinks. Dr. Sundaram rarely smiles. Despite his usually busy schedule, he agreed to see her, which had surprised her. He dislikes rearranging his day and accommodating trivial complaints like hers. When she called him this morning he was unnaturally attentive asking her a host of questions about her infected throat.
“Come and see me at 11” he had said.
“But I haven’t taken appointment”
“Don’t be late” Click. The line had gone dead.
Here she was sitting in front of him worrying about how to make up for the two hours of her day spent here.
“Would you be able to go to Manipal tomorrow and get the test done?”
Tomorrow? No, I have a lot of things planned...test? What test?”
"I need you to get this done at the earliest.” He pushes a scribbled sheet of his letterhead towards her.
She reads what is written.
"Yes. It wouldn't take too long. Just about an hour"
“But it’s just a small lump. It doesn’t even hurt!”
“That’s why. It maybe nothing”
“Please don’t worry. Get this done on Saturday and see me positively on Monday” He looks at her this time and smiles.
She nods. Numbness.
Driving to work she calls a friend.
“Nothing will happen to you!” He says cheerfully.
“But..Ro….” She chokes.
Chill! I will adopt him and we will both go out and flirt with PYTs”
“Some consolation that!” she smiles despite herself.
"And you like yellow chrysanthemums right?"
"Yeah, but......? Ohhhh! I hateee you!" She laughs loudly remembering their talk about flowers on their graves. (except that she wouldn't even have a grave!)
This silly banter lifts her mood.
She goes through the rest of the day trying not to worry about the inevitable.


RustyNeurons said...

She should know with friends like that guy around, she has nothing to worry!! :)
Chill DC... not to be worryin..

DreamCatcher said...

Thank you Rusty! Yeah I am blessed in many ways :)