Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Crossroads with Tommy

Does anyone remember the controversy involving Tommy Hilfiger and his alleged racist comment on Oprah Show and her asking him to leave? This was a couple of years ago, at a time when I couldn’t afford his stuff even if I wanted to (which I do not!). Following that incident, his innocence has been claimed by one and sundry and the 'rumour' recently squashed by Oprah herself. However, he was in the news again lately, for a certain ‘unfair’ decision.
Back then, I had decided not to wear Tommy even when I could afford it. And I stuck to it (lack of affordability ensured that). I remember sniggering loudly when my ex-boss announced one day that she wears only Tommy Hilfiger underwear! I sermonized and she jocularly called me a “Commie”. In riposte I had said, "Yeah they should make diapers too. They will be good to shit in!" and we never discussed Tommy (or her taste in fashion brands) again.
Most of my friends, particularly those who shop with me, know my aversion and avoid the flagship store in Forum mall, Bangalore. Also, they are tired of me repeating ‘my-ex-boss-and-tommy-story’ a tad too often. (OK I am painful...at times!)
Tommy also fell from grace for naming an ordinary hideous sneaker after my name. What was he thinking?! Consider this: ‘Pia’ comes from the Latin ‘Pius’ meaning ‘pious’. So that makes these ‘holy shoes’ eh? (‘Pia’ is also slang for alcohol in Hungary, but we shall let that be!)
Well, therefore it’s rather unfortunate that my cousins recently gifted me a Tommy Girl perfume (OK to be fair I am not particularly anti-american, I like Estee Lauder but I am a Dior girl!) and a Tommy Hilfiger watch (It's truly not worth the money these poor kids spent!) Mindful of their enthusiasm I neither mentioned my aversion nor regaled them with my ex-boss’s story. Not wanting to be misunderstood, I wear both regularly and am left feeling a slight discomfiture of knowing that I am endorsing a brand I do not admire (Given I am no Anna Kournikova, but still!). Irony?


pravin said...

I sort of boycotted his products after that incident :|

Shubhojit said...

DC - The Oprah incident never took place. There was a video footage in youtube(I dont have the link now) where Oprah had herself clarified that something like that never happened.
But ya, Tommy has been controversial so even I chose not to use his products except for that one towel which my mom brought at a sale.
& as far as 'Pia' is concerned, I'll go by the Hungarian version. Lol

DreamCatcher said...

Pravin: thanks for dropping by.

SJ: I am aware that Oprah squashed the 'urban myth'and I have mentioned that..pass on the video link if you have it...towel??? so u and my ex-boss have lots in common!! And let 'Pia' rest in peace lol...

Shubhojit said...

Yep towel! It surprised me too. Never thought Tommy will lend his brand to towels too :) Well u r ex- boss kept Tommy much closer to herself and all throughout the day & probably nite too(underwear u said). Lol. Not me.hahaha
And how can Pia rest in peace! Ah alcohol! I love thee! hehehe