Monday, May 14, 2007

Dragon Tales

Yesterday I received a wonderful mail from a dear friend wishing me for Mother’s Day. We both are working moms of boisterous boys. Therefore the mail, which talks about the mothers who do everything right and those who don’t, made both of us smile in agreement. Then there was another wish from my best friend that called me a super mom. (Now, if I did half a good job as his mom I would be happy with myself!)
For one, it feels nice to be acknowledged for a role that is all too obvious and at most times taken for granted. But then the crass commercialization hits on the face. “She gave the best years of her life for you. Buy her a diamond to show how much you love her” Excuse me? I don’t even LIKE diamonds!
[In our house, we are two women (Ma and I), both mothers. And since we are not particularly gender-biased the gents (Baba and Ro) make up the other half of the household.]
Being a Sunday, I decided to surprise Ma by making the morning tea. She sipped with a smile but I realized soon enough the brew wasn’t even close to what she prepares every morning.
Bad start.
The rest of the morning we decided to laze. And suddenly, almost on impulse Ro came up with the brilliant idea of painting tattoos.
“Make a special tattoo for me, Mommy. It's Happy Mother’s Day!”
Huh? Aren’t you supposed to do something for me?”
“Noooo! I want to show them how good you paint.” Infallible logic.
So we sat down, to draw a dragon. Chinese one. No wings and lots of flames.
After about twenty minutes.
“That’s a coooool dragon!” he smiles smugly at the result.
“You like it?”
Yeah!” Tight hug and a wet kiss followed to show me just how much.
He ran downstairs even before the paint had dried.
The aftermath.
The rest of his friends ran home to demand tattoos from their respective mothers and some of them even called me in distress. “Happy Mother’s Day” I said with a smile.


Jacob Mathai said...

Happy Mothers DAy!

DreamCatcher said...

Jacob: Thanks! :)

donkeySOUP said...

hey DSE diva: to learn such crap, you need to be a product of LSE (LOCAL School of Eco!).

ur space looks cool. seems u hv soft corner for modern art. may be my post "art, MADern art, economy & inflation" (posted in april) would drive you more crazy. for heavens sake, don't root for my blood after reading that. at times senseless thoughts are a welcome break.

Shubhojit said...

Happy Moms Day to u!

DreamCatcher said...

DS: Thank you! On hind sight, LSE would have been a better training ground lol. Yeah I did read your piece (MADern Art et al). Interesting take. And the God thing too...:)

DreamCatcher said...

SJ : Thank you!

donkeySOUP said...

noted. for me it was "punctured a.. ...." lol. perceptions differ. thatz the beauty of MADern art. MOST will understand only when the meaning is conveyed. one more positive point - it paves way for 'out-of-box' thinking (HR view!). long live inflation, bcos it drives us !!!

thanks for visiting dS and leaving your valuable comments.

donkeySOUP said...

thought HR guys are open for OBJECTIVE criticism. the intention was different...and i can't stoop so low. what a weird world !!! if my comment is of bad taste, am sorry...

DreamCatcher said...

DS: The comment was in jest. Don't read too much into it.

donkeySOUP said...

K. now i can confidently s...w you in the pretext of objective criticism and expect the same back with interest. lol

Niladri said...

Hey Ro: tatoo is cool , Neelabjo had something exactly similar

DreamCatcher said...

Nil: thanks! the credit goes to Ro's mom though :)

Shreyasi Deb said...

Tell Ro that am loving his temporary tooth-less grin :-)
and ofcourse Ro's mom is talented and the tatoo is lovely

DreamCatcher said...

SD: Thank you! muuuah! :)