Saturday, May 26, 2007

Midas V

At Rex.
She was late. The last one of the quartet to arrive at the theater. She curses herself again but well life is like that. When you want to be on time and kind of not make a bad impression the reverse unfailingly happens. Grouping in the dark she safely takes the seat between AP and BO and tries hard to concentrate on the movie. They watch Catherine Zeta Jones do those amazing high kicks. She is a goddess! During intermission they meet this lovely babe from across their office. She has a distinct feeling that he didn’t want to be seen with the three strange creatures of infamy that was them. Anyway she was busy keeping her trap shut least she blurts something unforgiving.
The movie gets over among mirth and chatter and a blur of wellbeing. AP and BO suggest coffee so they troupe to the ground floor coffee shop inside Mota Arcade. The entire day she had waited for that one moment of glory where she makes a complete ass of herself!
At the Coffee Shop.
AP and she had this on-going joke about ‘firang tickets’. She would spot a ‘firang’ and point him out to AP and say “Hey that’s your ticket to US or anywhere out of here!” Here too they spot one together and both of them loudly point out the ‘ticket’ to BO. His striken expression compels her to look. He is so totally embarrassed that she actually apologises. He blushs and gives her a big embarrassed grin.
It must have been the faulty lighting that made his eyes shine. And staring at him right there in the middle of the cacophany in a Coffee Shop, she falls in love with him.
His voice gets her back to reality. He says he would introduce her to this tall pretty babe who works in his dept. since she is married to a bong and looking for bongs to hang out with. With all that overwhelming love, her wit of course had to desert her. Despite herself she makes this absolutely ridiculous statement. “No thank you. I stay away from bongs as much as possible.” Jesus! What was she thinking! He must think she is one hung up bitch or worse he doesn’t think anything of her at all.
Coffee over it was time to leave. Walking out, AP teases her saying he being the chivalrous male, would drop her home since both AP and BO had their own bikes. Why does AP has to do this? Is it to embarrass him? He is visibly uneasy. Thankfully by this time her famous foot-in-the-mouth disease had receded. She smiles. “No. I will ‘rick’ it and thanks all of you for a great time!” She honestly meant it. That said she crosses the road and heads for a waiting autorickhaw with a vague excitement of how it would be if he had indeed dropped her home.
Someday maybe he will. Someday...


RustyNeurons said...

Hey!!! Missed out so much on these! (Was attending some training)

Midas is God! At least you make him so!
What happened then???????

Shubhojit said...

I have read this earlier. The same sequence. Have you reposted it?

DreamCatcher said...

Rusty: Cinderella meets the Prince...but in real life there are many twists and turns...:)

Shub: Yeah, this was edited and re-posted from one of my earlier blogs...