Saturday, May 26, 2007

Midas I

Circa 2002. One day at work.
She saw him today. The man who would be her midas. He didn’t notice her ofcourse. There were the others. He was rushing towards his workstation unaware that she was in fact staring. Celestial comedy it must be to see someone for the first time and know that her life would change from then on. He looks confident, completely in control of himself and painfully handsome. There is something about him that makes him stand out in a crowd. Everyone seems to know him. And from them she heard his name. She stared for what seemed like eternity. He passed by without noticing anything.
Next to her, AP says “Wow is someone in a hurry or what!”
AP and she met during the interview and joined work the same day and they hit it off right then. She thinks AP is part crazy part cute but mostly friendly. It felt odd to be back in office after two years of staying and lazing at home.

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