Saturday, May 26, 2007

Midas III

Next week.
She is late at office. AP and she always have coffee in the morning around 9.30 or so. Today AP was already at the narrow ledge a little away from the elevator lobby that had become their ‘coffee joint’. She smiles and AP asks her to join. Never one to miss the coffee time and the talk that usually borders on the silly, she starts up her system and carries her cup to the balcony and realizes that AP and BO are not alone.
He is there too. Well she smiles and say hi. He said hi a little indiffenrently she thought. She was definitely intruding. They were discussing some hapless fellow’s encounter with fate. He has this casual grace and friendly air about him that is very natural. Despite herself she cannot but notice how handsome he is. She watches carefully as the expressions change on his face. He was talking about his cricket matches. They talked and she mostly listened. She was too drawn to him to contribute much to the conversation. Moreover, they were talking about their college and there isn't anything that she can contribute there in any case.
In all of this she realizes how different he is from her. AP teases her a bit. Asks whether cat got her tongue cause other days she is the one making the silliest of remarks. Strangely, for her the morning felt exhilarating.

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