Saturday, May 26, 2007

Midas II

A few days later.

He came over to her desk. Actually not her desk but Jan’s. Right across from her. They conversed about some one Jan met who is just right for him. She tried hard to concentrate on the screen. She had work to do and she had promised to be home early.

Slowly, he comes over and picks up her desk calendar casually. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces. Dad gave it to her in the beginning of the year and it was kept atop her system at home before she decided to use it in office.
She held her breath. Ignoring her racing pulse, she keeps her eyes on the screen.
He says “Nice models”.
His attempt to begin a conversation.
She smiles and looks at him and wants to say something profound but hears herself say “So you like models...” in a tone edging on sarcasm. He smiles shyly and she points at the calendar and says “But they stay at my desk”.
He apologies quickly and keeps it back. Someone calls him and he walks away. She curses herself with gritted teeth. All she wanted was to say something nice and sweet but well it happens to her a lot. When she really likes someone she make a complete ass of herself.

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