Monday, August 13, 2007

what's brewing?

A hot cuppa anyone?!

Oh well. Never mind me. My first day at work was a breeze.

High points:

Coffee is amazing! (what was I thinking?)

Today’s induction session was fun and these guys have got their act together. No waiting. No technical glitches.

No failures of any kind.

Had a productive long conversation with bosswoman.

Enthusiastic team!

Got invited for a surprise dinner at boss’s place since it’s her birthday.

Not so high points:

Met so many people that I guess I would need a month to match the faces with names.

The women are all SKINNY!! :(


Shreyasi Deb said...

So you have a new job?...congrats!!!

Rambler said...

So she enjoyed the new job :)
So did she change companies or profession altogether
Skinny women ?, got to know her new company :)!

DreamCatcher said...

SD : Yeah! thanks!

Rambler : Change in organization and industry :) Awwwww! Skinnies??They are all yours!

RustyNeurons said...

Oh... I would love to change the industry too... :( had enough of the one I am in..
I guess there is a time for everything..

Shubhojit said...

Ohhh she changed the industry? Her trade too ?? Wishing her luck. & let the skinny women be with her. If she finds plumber ones refer them to me :D

DreamCatcher said...

Rusty : yeah! In bangalore! Hop skip and jump away from Central! at this rate I might aswell work for the malls!

DreamCatcher said...

SJ : Thanks and I shall keep you posted!

Renovatio said...

Yes, we love women with curves :D

DreamCatcher said...

Reno : Bless your soul! :)