Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Disjointed deliberation and a dim-wit

Useless thought of the week:
Was thinking how similar triggers evoke different images at different times of association. Like, the colours red and yellow together had the strongest association with East Bengal (a football club with fanatical following) back in my Kolkata days. As a kid, I even had a football jersey set completed with the red and yellow shirt, black shorts and a pair of red with yellow strips knee-length socks (sucker for soccer eh?) Now, it conjures up images of namma karnataka, since they are the colours of the Karnataka state flag. (Before this, we never knew that ‘state flags’ existed!)
MOS: How can one be this jobless?
Useless stunt of the week:
Saturday’s team meeting got me so excited that, disregarding my age (groan!) I refused the elevator and raced down the stairs, ending up with a twisted ankle in front of the supercilious crowd of my new office building. To add insult to the injury was forced to hobble to the parked car with an ill hidden grimace on the face.
MOS: Accept at the earliest that self is both physically and mentally challenged.
Useless observation of the week:
Ms. Cloned-Hilton from marketing was missing on Friday, which allowed the men the much needed pause to notice lesser mortals like yours truly. Disbelievingly, some of the men can actually talk about things beyond the earlier mentioned Ms. Hilton’s preference for decaf! On normal days, their conversations provide me with sinister private amusement of a decadent kind, which by the way is my specialty. Minus Ms. Cloned-Hilton, everyone seems to be capable of having moderately intelligent conversations.
MOS: Can’t think of any!
Useless achievement of the week:
Despite my week-long presence here, it was only today that I earned enough of the boss-bashers’ trust for them to do their stuff in my presence. I must look real insipid and therefore harmless.
MOS: Lord help us cause we know not what we do!
Useless Assumption of the week:
If that wasn’t enough, this Friday I turned up in jeans only to find out that casual wear is reserved for Saturday.
MOS: Always Ask Never Assume!


Anonymous said...

Love reading the account & MOS !! :))

DreamCatcher said...

saaya: thanks!

RustyNeurons said...

Are you telling me Saturday is a WORKING day?????????
I would rather die man!!

Rambler said...

Ya work on saturday too ?, that sucks..

hmm that explains you being really busy.

Shubhojit said...

Finally u accept that u are old :D LOL. Btw why did u join an organisation that works on Saturday?? Another sign of ageing I say LOL

DreamCatcher said...

Rusty, Rambler, SJ : I bow to thee...but some of us work hard to keep the country's economy going :)

Shreyasi Deb said...

Jaanta who think saturday working sucks, let me tell you that the largest organisations of this country work for 6 days...hmm the stately largest market capitalisation ones :-p

DreamCatcher said...

SD : tell them...tell them...