Friday, April 20, 2007

To all the Men

You showed me the stars and how to reach them. I lost my coordinates for a while when you died. Want you to know despite all the mess, I will make something of my life. Like you did. I will find my way too. I love you.
You never said you love me. When I slipped, it hurt. But you sheltered me when I was abandoned. You gave me hope when the world shunned me. You took up my cause when I was broken. I never said I love you either. But I do.
You taught me how to love unconditionally. From the blue-eyed stray kitten you brought home when you were five to holding my hand when I wasn’t strong enough. Death cannot take you away from me. In my heart you will always live. I love you.
You made me complete. You wrapped your tiny fingers around mine and we fell in love. When I look at you, I know my life has a purpose. You give me faith. I love you.
You gave me your friendship. You stood by me in my pain. With you I learnt to give myself. My friend. I love you.
You reached out to me. You made me a woman. You made me love myself. You gave me your wisdom and your passion. But fool I will always be. Want you to know that I love you in my fashion.
You gave me the courage to be selfish. You held me and I dared to dream again. You abandoned me when I was most vulnerable. But, perhaps that’s the only way to be. I walk again. I will love again. For that, I will always love you.


Shubhojit said...

Thats why they say that always say "i love u" now so that u may not regret not having said that later.

DreamCatcher said...

i agree...!