Monday, April 02, 2007

Hazards of the profession

My father dreads going to the dentist. It’s a fact well established and accepted. As I see him enter the sterile room I can feel his jaws tighten. The pronouncement wasn’t happy. He needs a RCT (root canal treatment, for the uninitiated). My father of course was already in denial.
“Will it hurt?” he asks the young doctor.
“Not a whole lot and we will be giving LA”
“Local anesthesia”
“Don’t worry, once the crown is fitted it would be like a regular tooth”
“Shall we start?”
Wait! How will the crown stay? It’s an upper tooth.”
“It’s an upper tooth. The crown will fall off because of gravity, no?”, his attempt at humour.
I am looking at him bewildered. This is not my father. I am not here in this clinic.
“Look at the ceiling fan. Is it falling off?” the doc retorts. He is amazingly self-possessed.
“If we anchor the crown well it would never fall off”
With that she gags his mouth with a rubber extender.


Shubhojit said...

My mom avoided going to the dentist for the past 2 years despite her the decays getting bigger and wider. And all because friends and relatives told stories of how they bled bucketfull after a tooth pluck. She finally had no choice a month back when one of those hollow ones started aching badly. & now when she sees there's hardly any bleeding, she wants to go everyday:) I have to now discourage her saying you have to pace it with a week's gap :D. Her RCT will start next week. Lets see what's her reaction after that :)

DreamCatcher said...

take care of her :)

RustyNeurons said...

this was more of my condition! Its the LA needle that I am scared of.

DreamCatcher said...

rusty: don't be...! its really not all that bad if u close your eyes and think of something pleasant say like chocolates :)