Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The girl from yesterday

He left her. Just like that.
She kept staring at his picture and the eyes of her unborn daughter he promised they would have. She continued living on the memories they had made.
It has been weeks. But she waits for him everyday.
Her foolish heart didn’t know she had become the girl from yesterday.


Moushumi said...

From an end-there is always a beginning-yesterday turns to today very soon:)

Shubhojit said...

How can she wait for someone who was so heartless so as to leave just like that. Easier said than done, but thats what wisdom and happiness is all about, "Yesterday is a bad dream and tomorrow you may die. Live the life today & live it full"

DreamCatcher said...

Mou: thanks for dropping by. And thank you...yes I know :)

Shubh: there are fools like that in the world...fortunately :)