Thursday, November 01, 2007

who? me?

For a dyslectic to get tagged for a Writing Meme is almost an honour. Let me begin by a humble ‘thank you’. Shreyasi, my friend, sees a lot more in people like me than she ought to.

Yes, I write from the heart, cause I don’t know where else to write from. Since my brain is impaired enough for me to never have scored even a modest C+ in Spelling. (I took a few hard knocks to get even ‘grammer’ right.) And this never amused my mother. Though the kind Mrs. Johnson, my elementary school teacher, had explained that dyslexia isn’t life threatening, to my mother I was as good as a cripple. And to add to her bouquet of misery, my hand writing continues to pain her. So while my brother’s grades and his school note books were displayed with pride at dinner parties at home, I was warned never ever to bring a guest near my study table.

So, if you want beauty read Sheyasi, if you want logic and common sense read Niladri, if you want to marry the two read Shefaly. Instead, if you are looking for impulsive, artless expressions that aren’t contained by english grammar, then maybe…

When to write?

At all time. Never let go of a passing thought as too trivial or too random or too scant. Hook the thought and write it out.

What to write?

Everything. Life is a celebration and at times of the bizarre kind. Aren’t we lucky we are able to express it in words and in thoughts? It could be the amazement of an unexpected sunset or could be the humdrum of an ordinary life. There is always something to write about in the exotic and the dreary.

Where to write?

Anywhere. Office when the boss isn’t around, home when the folks are busy with TV, airport when flights are delayed, coffee shop when there’s no company, internet cafe with the next guy surfing porn. Doesn’t matter.

How to write?

With a pen and a paper or as I prefer the word processor (note: my dyslexia can create havoc minus Spellcheck). It is usually just the thought and you. Don’t focus on words as much as the expression. Does it say what you feel? Even if it digresses from Wren and Martin stipulations? Is it honest?

Who to write for?

Yourself. If you want to write for an audience join a talk show.

Who gets tagged?

Rambler, a fellow impulsive blog writer, whose prose are honest expressions of being.

Dusty, for his dollops of good humour.

Rustyneurons, writes wonderfully…but currently in hiding for some reason.

Renovatio, for I am sure he wouldn’t write for the meme.


RustyNeurons said...

Hey DC! sorry, was not around this whole week; yes, I am crippled due to two things - lack of 'profound' thoughts and lack of a PC to type... :)
But, I will try and do this at least by monday!

Dusty Fog said...

DC- et tu....?!!!! me not doing any such thing.....pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee....!!!!

Rambler said...

hey thanks DC, didn't know you read me still :)

First of all an apology for a late response, had something up my head.

here it

Shefaly said...

Dreamcatcher: That description is very nice. I am trying to analyse my posts already to find both elements ;-)

Thanks for your kind words.

The meme has been going on for a while and it is doing great.

DreamCatcher said...

Shefaly: you are welcome! And yes I am a dedicated fan of your blog :)

Shreyasi Deb said...

You have graciously given in to my request. Thank you!
I am loving the speed, variety and depth of this page. I try to visit often but as you know dont have the chance to stay long enough to speak up....keep walking!

RustyNeurons said...

I did it! :)