Thursday, November 29, 2007


I have always been bitten by the travel bug. Nothing energizes me more than a journey. Sometimes to the familiar and at times to the new. A large part of my agreeing to switch job was the promise of travel. So here I am once again in the planter's paradise called Chikmagalur. My organization runs a vocational training college for the economically depressed locals. I am here to review their progress. The work is incidental and the beautiful locale is for free. Couldn't have asked for more, could I have?
Oh...the broast chicken dinner at the 1865 Kadur Club was close to heritage.


Renovatio said...

I like traveling to places, just rarely the actual journey. Usually just doesn't appeal to me

Dusty Fog said...

..and to think I was under the impression you were "going through hell" there....!!!