Thursday, October 25, 2007


Useless Question

How many of us are not familiar with the following image?

A gent in ‘safari’ suit (the hideous Indian concoction!), his mouth streaked red from a chewing paan, passing lewd innuendos at women when he is sure no ones watching him.

They seem to have permeated all our cities and towns with amazing resilience and will. You can just about visit anywhere and lo behold the above featured gent would be waiting to greet you at every murky corner. But I gravely fear for this genre of creatures. With them we shall lose an essential identity of our let's put our hands together for the 'Suffering Safari Seducers'!

Useless Observation

Cars in Mumbai sport less scratches/dents than Bangalore despite the celebrated traffic overflow.

Useless Conclusion

The above goes to prove:

Mumbai has better drivers. Which means,

A. Mumbai has better motor driving schools

B. Better trained traffic cops.

Useless Treasure

Buying Advaita Kala’s ‘Almost Single’ on an now-regretted impulse at the airport. I have to work on my natural instinct to empathize with ‘slayed-by-critics’ writer. This one is a ‘must avoid’.


Rambler said...

Looking for the next book suggestion from you :)

Anonymous said...

can not agree more with on those "Safari" walas!! they jusr get onto my nerves :(

DreamCatcher said...

rambler: you could try of my all time favs...also look up my list in shelfari, its not complete but still...

sunshine: I know, I know...

greekalphabet said...

hahahah @ safariwalas.

Have you read the hungry tide? Its beautiful.

DreamCatcher said...

greekalpha: yes I have. Wonderful. I am partial to bong male writers :)

Shreyasi Deb said...

So am I... Bong male writers that is...and also non-bong male writers with a Cal connection and an impeccable civil service stint :-p

DreamCatcher said...

Lemme just conclude that I am partial to male