Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Shaken and not Stirrred!

I was never a fan of Rakhi Sawant. I don’t like sex bimbettes who shake their booties in front of one and sundry primarily because I don’t have that kind of booty to peddle in public or private and also because I like a little refinement and a certain degree of sophistication.

I still squirm inside a little when someone uses cuss words particularly in my native tongue. I have a visible grimace when someone spits or pees on the road or when men adjust their underwear and scratch their over-rated body part/s in public. Now you can call me naïve or stuck-up depending on where you are coming from, but it’s a genuine issue with me.

So from my limited exposure to Ms. Sawant, I wasn’t impressed. She has this crass, on-your-face attitude that I didn’t find too palatable.

However, to celebrate the arrival of a new TV in the house, I gave in to my mother’s desire of watching Naach Baliye 3 together. Now, I am completely not exposed to the NB 1 or 2 so I thought it would be interesting to watch. And as it was, it was Rakhi and her partner Abhishek’s turn to shake their stuff. The concept they pulled up was awesome, and that’s thanks to the choreographer. But the way she handled the post-dance review and spoof she made of Amitabh and Hema Malini was quite a treat. It was her completely unapologetic approach without crossing over to impudence that impressed me. All celebrities carry a lot of artifice. Specially the wannabe lot. It’s a part of their trade. But here is this woman talking about her impoverished background without an iota of guilt or even pride. On listening one wouldn’t feel sorry or ever want to patronize. It was so damn matter-of-fact and narrated as an enjoyable anecdote that one would smile rather than feel sorry. Usually we either use impoverishment as sympathy lever or wear them like a badge. In contrast, this approach was so refreshing.

Yes, I like her now. And yes, I am trying to get home on time on weekdays just to be able to catch her on NB 3. Cheers!


Rambler said...

not a big fan really of RS, surprised you liked her..

Anonymous said...

ditto my thoughts. This gal has come long way and she is nt ashamed of her reality. you shud have seen her in Big Boss. she was full tp and nautanki :)

i have seen such families where RS belongs ; and from there making something out of life without a guilt needs real courage !!

RustyNeurons said...

I had read somewhere a comparison between rakhi sawant and aishwarya rai.
Apparently the author had rated rakhi sawant as 'genuine fake' and aishwarya rai as 'fake genuine'
hee hee..
I loved it then.

Serendipity said...

Hey! u wont believe it, the other day i ALMOST wrote a post to the same effect since i saw NB for the first time this friday too.

I truly believe that crass and vulgar though she is sometimes, she actually has the guts to say whats on her mind and even make a fool out of herself while doing so... but we cant blame her. Her childhood and background dint teach her to be calm, controlled, diplomatic.

I read the article Rusty's talking about too.. although i thought it favored Ash a bit too much. here's a woman who has a smile and eyes that (could) inspire so many ... yet she sets a distict aloofness, a noticeable lack of warmth in both.

Ive gone on an on havent i? :) lets just say i thouroughly indentified with your post!

Will watch your space :)

DreamCatcher said...

Rambler: I was left surprised too :)

Sunshine: thanks for your vote! women rock :)

Rusty: I would rather vote for RS than AR...:)

Serendipity: great

IdeaSmith said...

From a fellow-convert, welcome to the 'Rakhi rocks' club!!!

DreamCatcher said...

idea: thanks a ton!! sometime we miss the obvious...but I have now learnt to look deeper....even if they are 'genuine fakes' :)

RustyNeurons said...

Well, the article wasn't favoring Aishwarya. In fact I thought it was a shame to be called a fake genuine. What the author meant was, even when RS was called fake, at least she is genuinely fake - where as AR faked to be a genuine person.

DreamCatcher said...

Rusty: I can't agree that you have explained it. I hadn't read the article but now I know eaxctly what was meant....and so true!