Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chance Observations:

Most beautiful sunsets are usually also the most unexpected…it stuck me while staring out of my Jubilee Hills office window towards the Hitech City yesterday.

Where else will you find a 'Flyover Bakery', except for below a flyover? (Yes, it's there I swear!)

India wins matches when I am not watching.

Have you noticed that FAT is just one french fry...oops one line less than EAT?

Chance Encounter:

Almost met the Andhra Chief Minister. Well almost. As his motorcade passed infront of my office delaying my trip back to the hotel by about an hour!

Chance Hope:

Though they have closed the Sparks in Bangalore sealing forever the last happy memories with bro....they still have it in Hyd...

Chance Wisdom:

Every smile is a new beginning.


Rambler said...

If the chances are as good as those, its worth taking :)

Anonymous said...

Chance Missed : Checking "manic me" many times a day for a new post ; and you miss it one day just to find 2 welcome posts :)

DreamCatcher said...

Rambler: heheheheh! thanks!

Sunshine: Glad to see you here! Your encouragement feels wonderful...