Saturday, September 22, 2007

alone but not lonely

Sitting in an airport security check-in lounge, I realize how comfortable I am in strange yet oddly familiar hotel rooms, waking up in comfortable but unfamiliar beds, among unknown surroundings and the security of being a nobody.

The gypsy in me feels appreciated...finally.


Rambler said...

you have a fun trip dreamcatcher!

DreamCatcher said...

i just came back home...been living out of suitcase for a while now...:)

Rambler said...

oh in that case, welcome back :)

living out of suitcase ??, hope you had a fun travel :D

DreamCatcher said...

U can say that again :)yes travel has its high points!

ginger girl said...

I know what you mean.

anonymity can be such a blessing at times. the feeling of being in unknown yet safe surroundings - watching and not being watched, fading into the background, observing little nuances of the world in general, doing the exact opposite of what we are otherwise always trying to do ...stand out.

anonymity can be fun outside the blog too