Monday, September 24, 2007

Be careful what you wish for, Cause you just might get it all...and some you don't want

High Point:

We won! Winning by the last thread of our collective underpants...but nevertheless we won. That's what the end. Unfortunate for the Pakistanis that their man-who-could-have-got-them-the-Cup got impatient and tried an absolutely ridiculous shot to get caught.

Low Point:

Winning the T20 World Cup doesn't excuse the Boys in Blue for not singing the National Anthem at the beginning of the final match. It was shameful that none of them even made an attempt. This is the World Cup and you are on national television representing your country in a match that's easily the 'clash of the subcontinent' and here you are not even trying to lip-sync with a song that represents your country's pride, honour and among other things, identity. One can't afford such gross indifference. Lets teach them the anthem, as it should be sung, before they go on the next tour.


chandni said...

cmon....increasingly we Indians are becoming people just waiting for an opportunity totake offence...

how does it matter if thweir lips were moving or not? and even if they werent, what does it prove?
They have done more for the country and its pride than half a million other Indians...

and by the way, quite a few were actually singing.

Renovatio said...

They weren't running around or talking to each other, they were singing in their hearts.

Wheee :D