Thursday, September 20, 2007

Direct from Mumbai

I have lived here 10 years back. I was familiar with Bandra and Bandra alone, never felt the need to explore the rest of the city except for some much dreaded trips to Navi Mumbai...and some social visits to Lower Parel. The city sure has changed and how.

I am stunned to see Sakinaka change into a 8 lane concrete road with modern structures housing tech companies everywhere.

The airport's newly inaugurated terminal is totally cool!

The rain and the ensuing traffic mess still remains the same. Some comfort that :)


Renovatio said...

I have a plan for Delhi that could never work. 4 lanes for each side on ring road and outer ring road, and eventually all the connecting roads, with a cordoned off innermost lane on both sides with two-sided bus stops. To get to those bus stops, there are skyways for pedestrians. Buses restricted to those lanes, and cars not allowed to clog those lanes up. Delhi traffic would clear out overnight. Throw the metro in at some point too, and you've got something fantastic going.

DreamCatcher said...

Reno: wow! wonderful plan...typically aquarian :)
Plz Plz move to Bangalore and use your magic wand!Wait...we goto form a party and win the election first!