Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Last night, I woke up with a start somewhere close to midnight. Ro shaking me awake “Mommy, look at the eclipse (he said 'eelips')! Someone has eaten the top part!” I opened my eyes muzzy and without my glasses. And yes, sure enough the eclipse was in full swing. The biggest perk of living where I do, is being able to watch the night sky while lying on my bed. I never pull the curtains at night and on full moon nights it is akin to sleeping with a cool white searchlight on your face. And I love it. I wake up several times through the night and I know the time just by looking at the moon. With nightfall, the moon creeps through the top left edge of my window and dives to the bottom right before disappearing at dawn.
I mumbled a translation of Basho's haiku 
“My house burnt down.
Now I can clearly see, the rising moon”
“But, our house hasn’t burnt??”
“Okkkk! Go to sleep now..."


Rambler said...

now thats the silver lining one has to see...it might have burnt down the house, but gave you the charming moon light.

DreamCatcher said...

rambler: hmm...I am very inspired by Basho's haiku....I wish someday to read in original japanese..