Thursday, February 01, 2007

Martyr's Day!

It was a rather ordinary 30th January morning. Cool not cold. Breezy but not blustery. Only change was the luxury of getting up at 8 instead of the customary 5.30 on a weekday. Today, the schools are closed therefore the blessed few hours of additional bliss. He comes and hugs me. Big smile on his face. The naughty, impish smile that turns me to jell-o. “Happy Birthday Mommy!” I smile. I am a sucker for charm. So there I was’ jell-oed’ and looking at him with adoration that only mothers can garner. More hugs and sloppy kisses. Wonder if all this is for me or because of the school holiday! The morning routine continues and after the usual trials and tribulations I reach my workplace. My team-mates wish with enthused vigour and even my boss remembers to wish. To my credit my ex-boss-turned-mentor also called to wish : ). Among the misses, my best friend forgot (I actually send a mail saying thanks for not wishing!), as did the significant other who did call but much later than I had expected (expected the call at mid night!). A couple of important friends forgot too but with growing age I find it significantly easier to forgive such negligence : ). Among the surprises, was a phone call from someone I met recently and who under normal circumstances isn’t supposed to know this detail about my life. The day proceeded smoothly. I took some of my colleagues out for lunch and it turned out to be quite pleasant.
Between pending work and numerous phone calls the work-day got over. I head home with thoughts jostling in my head. One more year of crucial failures. One more year of dreams-on-hold. One more year of not being where-I-want-to-be. One more year of getting wiser. One more year of living life. One more year of adding to the list of things-I-have-to-do-before-I-die. I think I am tired.
Took the elevator. Reached home. And there they were. Cake. Australian Merlot. Candles. The works. Between Dad and Ro they have arranged all my’ favourites’. The party for four continued till late. Over dinner, Ro promises to buy me a b-i-g diamond ring once he grows up. We laugh for a while. I miss my brother. I miss not being able to share this with someone important. Even as I watch my ‘truncated’ family, I count my blessings. That ‘promise’ was the most beautiful gift anyone could have given me. Life doesn’t dole out these moments. We earn them.
P.S. My best friend send a beautiful note the next day that I would preserve for life : )

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