Friday, February 20, 2015

waiting to exhale

Today, she needed the silence, more than any other day. The chaos around her made little impression on her. It is however, the ache somewhere deep inside, that needed her attention. Earlier, she had surprised herself by sliding into uncharted emotions, in haste. The soft quick-sand of passion, cushioned her as it drew her more into the sink hole of turgidity. Once the hard reality hit her, she woke up sorely, clutching the still warm sand that quickly slipped through her fingers leaving a coarseness that she was unaccustomed to. She sighed, trying to gather her thoughts. Why should it hurt at all, she wonders. The pleasure was so fleeting that she would have missed it, had she bothered to blink. The shadows of intimacy lay around her in shards of a broken mirror, reflecting the truth that she was too late to see. Why did she always demand so little and gave everything in return. Perhaps because there is no cure for stupidity.

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