Thursday, December 12, 2013

And their eyes met

They met, proverbially, at a train station. He with his spiky hair and she with her friends, excited to go on a vacation to Goa. No one spoke. She hoped she would see him again soon. Which she did, once again at the train station, on their way back home. A few exchanged glances were all that was. She had forgotten about him, until several years later, when they meet at a party. He had lost his spikes and some hair, she was that many years older. It took her a few minutes to realize that it was him. She was certain he did not remember her. With introductions done, they got talking. He opened their conversation with, 'You are the girl from the train!' She blushed a bit. Happy that he remembered such a brief encounter from so many years ago. Then he told her about the prank. His friends knew he was smitten by the girl from the train. So they posed someone as her and made him speak over the phone, for a month. By then he was besotted and when he insisted that he wanted to meet her, they giggled and broke the spell. She laughed as he spoke. Life is strange, she thought. She had never imagined that seeing someone at a train station could actually lead to a story. The evening ended pleasantly. But they never met again. Maybe, because they never took a train, anywhere anymore.

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