Wednesday, September 24, 2008

last evening

A conversation between two men I live with, who are at opposite ends of the generation gap. The prompt was my arrival home last evening, with two tickets for today’s show of The Last Lear which I picked up to surprise my parents. (Ma is a Bachchan fan)

Ro: (runs to Baba) Dadu, Mommy got movie tickets and you and Didun are going on a date.

Baba: So we all will go..

Ro: No, it’s for you and Didun. You are going on a date. (smiles mischievously)

Baba: (looking surprised) Date? What is date?

Ro: (laughing hysterically) Mommy, Dadu doesn’t know what date means!!

Baba: Ok. So you tell me…

Ro: When a boy and a girl goes out alone.

Baba: (messing with his head) But if two of them are together, how can they be alone?

Ro: Uuff! Tumi kichhu bojho na! (you don’t understand anything!)


Anonymous said...

So cute !! Ro is growing up :)

DreamCatcher said...

sunshine: Thanks! Yes, he is growning up and it scares the shit out of me...I would much prefer him to be a baby always!:)

Rajita said...

:) am sure you are loving every bit of his growing up
Dont worry..u will be able to handle a teenager soon..all moms do..and even if they dont..they survive)

Dusty Fog said... concerns now about who he takes after....: )