Friday, July 25, 2008

You alone will kill the lunatic in your head that led you to reckless desire.
You alone will pick the pieces and put them back together with glue.
You alone will tell the truth to your parents.
You alone will ask the boss to reconsider the plan to replace you.
You alone will tell yourself not to cry even when no one is watching.
You alone will build that wall. Yes, alone.
You alone will be the key to your survival.
You alone will love yourself once again.


Hyde said...

It's easier not to be wise
And measure these things by your brains
I sank into Eden with you
Alone in the church by and by
I'll read to you here, save your eyes
You'll need them, your boat is at sea
Your anchor is up, you've been swept away
And the greatest of teachers won't hesitate
To leave you there, by yourself, chained to fate

I alone love you
I alone tempt you
I alone love you
Fear is not the end of this!

--"I Alone", Live.

Reminded me of this song. :-)

Rajita said...

Stumbled upon ur blog and found it very heart-rendering. What u wrote is so very true..something I can relate to

Rambler said...

hey "you" alone know how great you are

On the way.... said...

But does that mean You will become -I,Me ,Myself.....???
Is it really about feeling empowered??

DreamCatcher said...

hyde: That's one of my fav songs

rajita: thank you for dropping by...

rambler: thank you :D

on the way: is about coming to terms with reality :)

Renovatio said...

Come now, chin up.

DreamCatcher said...

reno: wow long time...yeah yeah me ok :)