Friday, June 13, 2008

no answers

Is it wrong to choose your life over others? Even if the others are whom you owe your life to? Does it make you a pathetic self seeking pervert? Is it wrong therefore to take control of your own destiny without being at the mercy of time and circumstance? Is it so hateful an act to seek what is forbidden to you? Is it wicked to take a chance at happiness? Is it treachery to try to change the course of your life through grit and hope instead of fate? Is it audacious to demand more that what is destined? Who sets the boundaries and who makes the rules?


Rambler said...

The one answer to all "NO"..
and somehow I feel this was meant to be a rhetorical :)

btw where have you been ...long time no see.

DreamCatcher said...

rambler: is rhetorical.
as to where i am...scraping at the bottom of the darkest pit for now.