Saturday, March 01, 2008

carpe diem!

It’s a new day. A new beginning. The air at 6.30am was crisp with a sharp chill that you notice only when you breathe deep. There is no adverse trace of last night’s indulgence or insomnia. There was an exciting freshness in the gait during morning walk and a fresh insight into a relationship that was earlier aborted. It could be because of a number of things. The beer-binge with Ms. Pretty Lady and Mr. Faker Shaker the night before or the perspective sharing till 2 in the morning or Carpenters at early dawn. What matters however, is the excitement of a clean start.
Yeah baby. Let's rock!

1 comment:

Dusty Fog said...

perspective sharing?!!! Faker Shaker?adverse effects?insights into an "aborted" relationship?
This must be the most you have put into a piece with as few lines as this.