Saturday, March 31, 2007

You are beautiful..

Their eyes met across the room. She didn’t look away. He looks leaner, she thought and the beard suits him.
“I will come and whisk you away and never let you go”
“We will have a glass house just like the one in Sleeping With The Enemy”
“Let’s have the little girl you so want”
“You would never be lonely at twilight”
“You are my slut…only mine”
“I love you, I love you, I love you”
She wasn’t a child but she hung on to his every word. He was an artist and she believed him. Finally, he disappeared one day. Just like that. With her heart and a lot more. She had tried to call. She had even tried to reach his friends.
Congratulations!” she smiles at him.
He stares at her. She looks gorgeous. Amazingly gorgeous.
You…here…?” he mumbles.
“I work with Anita” she explains.
Oh” He pauses.
“How have you been?” he asks, when they reach a quite corner. Most of the guests have left.
“Pretty good!” she smiles again.
“How is Rahul?” he asks without looking at her.
“ Oh, he is doing great. Busy with school. All grown up” she beams.
“I am sorry for….”
She reaches out and touches his hand.
“Let it be….” She says softly.
“I never…”
“Let it be, Nikhil. It’s been a long while. Maybe your compulsions were more than mine. Maybe you got bored of me. Maybe you didn’t want to hurt me with the truth. Maybe I didn’t deserve a goodbye. So let it go….”
Nikhil, I have forgiven myself and I couldn’t do that without forgiving you
“Take care of yourself, Nikhil. You will always be the man who made me feel like a queen” she smiles and squeezes his hand a little before letting go “even if it was only for a while”.
He tries to hold her hand. He tries to say something. Anything.
She walks away slowly without looking back.
Born on Martyr’s day. Martyr she will always be.


Shubhojit said...

Martyr! I would say a fool. Nothing more than that.

DreamCatcher said...

hmmmn..matter of that old elvis song-Only Fools Rush In...and who said martyrs aren't fools!

RustyNeurons said...

Hit me where it hurt...

greekalphabet said...

ouch ouch ouch