Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Grebulon I love you!

madness runs in my family :) ....this was a mail that my bro wrote when I created my hotmail id with the numeral '11' in it...!
Hello Grebulon, It is imperative, for you, and for the survival of your planet, your job, and your mental hygiene that we know the significance of the numeral 11 in your current email, in your past email, in your husband's email(past/present) and in your calorific diet intake, failing which we will irrevocably annihilate you. We, ofcourse will get 11 guesses as follows:
1) you see 11 people after consuming 11 bottles of vodka

2) you make 11 million USD annually(in which case we will contact the Internal Revenue Department or Westside Department Store as applicable)

3) you need 11 stiff drinks to get through everyday(in which case you should check into a clinic!!)

4) 11 is actually 10 + 1, but you are yet learning mathematics (and how is this significant....I don't know)

5) you buy 11 thousand rupees worth of eyeliner, in which case again clinic for eyeliner addicts come to mind

6) 11 is a sacred number to you - how - only you know and I will find out through hypnotherapy

7) you have 11 subordinate staff under you in your team to whom you shout 11 times a day...an activity every Grebulon is very proud of.

8) you eat 11 hamburgers a day and deny it again 11 times a day??

9) you get promoted( and demoted) 11 times a day

10) one day you will realize 11 is totally the most irrelevant numeral in the total universe, but by then you will have a number 12 fetish.....can't help you there.

11) I'm running out of ideas......hmmmmmm.....


Jacob Mathai said...

That reminds of something I heard -- "Everything is Number". Not sure if it is true or not :)

dreamcatcher said...

Jacob: My thoughts too...everything is indeed a number, mostly complex :)

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